Transitioning to zero-emission heavy-duty freight vehicles

Assesses zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle technologies to support decarbonization of the freight sector in the 2025–2030 timeframe. Synthesizes data from the research literature, demonstrations, and low-volume commercial trucks regarding their potential to deliver freight with zero tailpipe emissions. Analyzes the emerging technologies by their cost of ownership and life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions for China, Europe, and the United States.

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ZEV Alliance  @ZEVAlliance
Colleagues, we have a great opportunity: A new project with the @ZEVAlliance on implementing smart and open chargin… 
ZEV Alliance  @ZEVAlliance
These are just counting zero-emission light-duty passenger vehicles. Of course electric buses would add to these sa… 
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Annual global ZEV sales topped 2 million in 2018, up about 70% from 2017. Cumulative ZEV sales are now above 5 mill…